What are you buying ?

A work of art

A cycle of nature in an artistic, contemplative and unique approach


  • some works require more than a year shooting, months of editing and colour grading
  • image quality will remain in the future (the human eye cannot detect differences beyond the 4K standard).
  • the works are not an industrial product, each image is original (none comes from a stock shot company)

Halfway between a painting and a photograph, with the financial and technical means of a film.

Recommended equipment

What do you need ?

A TV screen

4K-UHD 16/9
  • preferably with OLED technology
    (pixels off for blacks and greater color depth)
  • other screen quality ( HD format ) possible
  • screen size according to the location of the exhibition.

A video player

Any player designed to play low compression rate videos
  • Blackmagic Hyperdeck studio mini 4K (recommended)
  • A computer

Contact us for any technical question

Guarantee policy

What are the warranties on the video work ?

It is a unique copy…

The work is recorded on an unique support, (e.g. an SD card), numbered, forgery_proof, non-copyable.


  • In the event that the film no longer works, due to wear, accident or breakage of the card,it will be immediately replaced by a new one once the previous one has been returned (take every precaution in case of loss when sending).
  • There is no guarantee against theft, fire, or any other inability to return the card
  • Replacement costs are free of charge.
  • The warranty is covered for life, and may change media in future years, depending on advances in video technology.
  • Image quality is guaranteed with 4K digital equipment, from the recommended player to the TV set.
Of course, no reproduction of the film, in whole or in a part, photography, or graphic derivatives is permitted


What are the prices of the living paintings ?

Prices are on request,

It depends on your sector of activity, your project, your involvement in the ecological message…


  • the principle of “√† la carte” pricing is to allow all structures to exhibit the works, either under commercial conditions to promote a place or a product, or with a cultural or ecological ambition in mind.
  • the greater the ambition in terms of exhibition, the more support can be given to the project (number of works, location, message, prestige…)

Do not hesitate to contact us, for each project, a tailor-made solution !

And now ?…


Let’s talk about your project…